IT and Control Where you Need IT Most

Stability and Performance with a Secure Foundation Confidence in the systems critical to your business

Voice & Gesture Control

We integrate smart operating systems that allow for Voice and Gesture control Leverage secure voice recognition to make sure the right people have access to the information and environment  that matches their security level

Workstations | Phones | AV

We bundle the best bang for your buck hardware that takes advantage of Secure O365 and Secure G-Suite, leveraging services you are already paying for. A properly set up VOIP phone system that ties into a conference phone, soft phone and even your cell phone to make sure you and your team never miss a call.

Mobile Apps

 From SaaS tools to mobile apps, we will help you integrate the right tools to take your collaboration and connectivity to the next level.

Automated Environments

Having your conference room adjust temperature based on the amount of attendees in your meeting Having the lights change hue depending on the room  and time of the day.