Pressing the edge of technologies to Secure Smart Offices through secured IoT and secured office solutions such as Secure_O365 and Secure_G-Suite. Smart lighting, security systems, communications, A/V presentation scenes and highly attractive work environments keep your staff happy and productive and attract the right clients.


Walk into your office and there is low, blue lighting - the temperature has been automatically adjusted in anticipation of your arrival. With the sound of your voice, the entire environment makes dramatic changes!

It comes alive and is reconfigured just the way you want it - lighting, sound, audio-visual and displays all change before your eyes all through secured IT and Secured IoT.


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We maintain a strong focus on supporting our people - they're central to our core values.

We invest in their growth and help them achieve their goals of technical excellence.

We have launched with a team of talented individuals who are encouraged to grow within the business and work hard for our clients.



We've worked hard and performed the tough research and the development to streamline our processes and drive down cost.

This dedicated effort enables us to truly provide solid security at an affordable price for small and medium businesses - Cyber security is a problem for any business, no matter the size.

Companies need Cyber Security now more than ever, but how do you know your true risk exposure?

Is your business secure or UnSecure?

You need a low cost, yet effective Cyber Security Assessment to know for sure - SSO provides you with that solution.


Team with the Experts

You're the experts in your business - focus on your clients, invest in your business, take on your competitors and achieve the success you deserve.

We're the experts in Cyber Security - leverage our full spectrum of industry certifications, advanced security degrees, dedicated training, and decades of staff experience to get you the security solutions you need

Together we can address your Cyber Security risks so your business can continue to succeed.