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Grow your business faster while minimizing risk:

  • When you want your IT to JUST WORK - Stable

  • When you want your IT to be protected - Secure

  • When you want your IT to fit in your budget - Affordable

  • When you want help NOW - SSO!



Millions of small businesses are often forced to put up with inferior IT infrastructure due to the high cost of enterprise-grade equipment. SOHOWOW! delivers the essentials that small businesses need most, at an affordable price.

  • Comprised of proven, stable, elements supported by some of the world’s most mature IT companies

  • SOHO WOW! Has been fully integrated, configured, and throughlt tested in sample client environments to identify any stability issues

  • Results of testing have been used to identify, address, and resolve all primary instability issues prior to delivery to your company

  • Secured IT; Secured OS; Secured SW; Secured Data: to meet your needs

  • Windows 10 & O365 are released for open communication to anyone - SSO locks them down

  • MacOS and G-Suite are similar - SSO locks them down to your needs

  • Secure Encrypted NAS; Network segmentation; VPN; Backup & Archive; IDS/IPS; fultered DNS; securely configured Firewall; integrated secured WAP; all to secure and protect your network

  • Engineering time drives costs and SSO has reduced engineering time for SOHOWOW!

  • Less help desk time because it’s secure and stable – that saves you money

  • Less installation time using mature, streamlined processes – that saves you money

  • Less upgrades because they’re built into most SOHOWOW! Elements – that saves you money

Featured Small Business Solutions:

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Remote Response when you need it

Add SSIDs or increase the power of a Wi-Fi access point

Configure a new storage volume or enable cloud backup

Block an unwanted website

Turn off an unused Ethernet port

Review a threat detected by the firewall

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Alerts In A Moment

When the Internet is down or a Wi-Fi Access Point is unplugged

When WAN failover happens

When an address conflict is detected

When the storage gets full or a backup fails

When the firewall starts seeing malware packets

4 Primary Elements

It is important to know that SSO has worked very hard to develop and define the components of a stable and supportable Secured - IT environment for SOHOs at an affordable cost. This will require standardization in your company environment as specified in the four elements defined herein.

Raise small business IT capabilities to the next level

  • Enterprise-grade Wi-Fi, with multiple access points

  • Intrusion protection using deep packet inspection to catch malware

  • Site-to-site VPN - connect multiple offices

  • Hassle-free remote access VPN

  • Domain Filtering blocks time-wasting or malicious websites

  • Stateful firewall - with per-country threat blocking

  • Built-in storage partitioned into network shares

  • Instant snapshots, to protect against ransomware

  • Cloud backups and archives, for disaster recovery

  • Dual WAN with load balancing and failover

  • All of this and more in one easy to use appliance

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